Multimedial guide to water resources excursions

Welcome to our Multimedial guide to water resources excursions. This website is originally designed for students, but members of the public are also welcome to explore the water stories from Moravian Karst and Waterworks Káraný. 

Waterworks Káraný

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Moravian Karst

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The purpose of this website is to introduce the areas of field trips and excursions AIA05Z (with AIA05E), AIA04Z (with AIA04E) and AIA07Z (with AIA07E) taught by our department at the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. On this website we would like to present general site overviews accompanied by photographs and sets of links with relevant on-line information. Of course, own experience is irreplaceable.  Our authorial team wish you a pleasant study time with our guide.